Communication adventure: coming home from school

Johnny is a five-year old child with complex communication needs and is new to alternative communication. Johnny has just returned from school. How would you strike a conversation with him and build upon this to facilitate his communication and language development?   We present to […]

Communication Adventure – Meal Time

It is critical to integrate communication opportunities into the child’s daily life; and meal-time is a great chance for families to come together. How would you strike a conversation with Johnny at the dining table?     (Ideal for viewing in 1360×768 & above resolutions)

AAC Quiz: Myth & Facts

AAC is an enigma to most people. The lines between myths and facts are blurred. The world needs Ninjas to unravel the mystery behind AAC.   Are you an AAC Ninja? Take this short 6-question quiz to find out.  

Aided Language Input (ALI)

How does a child develop fluency in a 5000-word picture vocabulary? It is the responsibility of the therapist and the child’s circle of caregivers to provide gradual access to this vocabulary to educate the child on this system. The therapist has a variety of strategies […]

The importance of customization

An AAC app is meant to be a permanent, round-the-clock, growing communication device for a child. As a “voice” for a non-verbal child, it must, therefore reflect the words, concepts and language that are used in a specific child’s life. While it’s important to choose […]

Generalizing AAC

A child has many communication partners as they go through their day. Parents, teachers and therapists; but also siblings, friends, neighbors, babysitters, relatives, grandparents, nannies… In a typically developing child, communicating with each of these people helps a child develop new communication and language skills, […]