Interview with Lauren S. Enders

It’s always a pleasure to speak with Lauren S.Enders. Like others, we have been her ardent followers on social-media, especially Pinterest. Recently we had the privilege of discussing a variety of topics under the umbrella of AAC.   You can checkout the podcast of our […]

Interview with Carole Zangari

Recently we had the pleasure of speaking with Carole Zangari of PracticalAAC. We discussed on a host of topics – AAC, Assessments, IEPs, Parental intervention etc. Speaking with someone like Carole, who has spent close to 30+ years in speech therapy, is immensely insightful and […]

Every Child can Read and Write

One of the end-points of AAC is the development of literacy, i.e. the ability for a non-verbal child to read and write.   In other words, well-designed AAC is more than an assistive technology — it is also an educational technology. In other words, AAC […]

AAC & Echolalia

Echolalia is the automatic repetition of vocalizations that are made by another person. The word itself has a little hint of the meaning, with the Greek words “echo” meaning “to repeat” and “lalia” meaning speech – so literally, “repeat speech.” We often think of this […]